Monday, 10 November 2014

3 things you should know about Lunar Leap Month

1.  But first what is Lunar Leap Month?

Do you know year 2014 is a Lunar Leap Year that has an extra month added? We called that extra month as Lunar Leap Month.
As the Lunar Calendar is 11 days shorter than the Western Calendar, a Lunar Leap Month is added every three years on average to compensate the difference. This year’s Lunar Leap Month falls on the 9th Lunar Month when it comes to a Western Calendar the actual date will be 21st of October and will last for a month.

2.  Lunar Leap 9 Month will only happen once in our lifetime!

Yes, that’s true! You must be wondering why. One Leap Month is added to the Lunar Calendar every three years, or two Leap Months added every five years, totalling seven Leap Months every nineteen years. This year’s Leap Month falls on the 9th Lunar Month, an extremely rare Leap Month that only happens once in this century; making this occasion truly once in a lifetime!

3. Lunar Leap Month- A month blessed with full of Gold and Jade!

According to traditional folklore, gifting gold and jade to one’s parents or elders during the Lunar Leap Month increases their longevity and prosperity. Following this tradition, jewellery is given from child to parent as a symbol of filial piety, and to repay them and bless them with health, longevity and prosperity.
Now you have a clearer picture of what Lunar Leap Month is. Gifting parents with gold and jade is always been a tradition during Lunar Leap Month. Hence, do your part and make your parents smile :)

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