Sunday, 16 November 2014

5 tips on picking auspicious jewellery for Leap Month

1. Choose Gold leads to Good Goal

First you have to determine what your goal is, putting a big smile on the face of your loved ones?  Picking auspicious pieces is not difficult, you may spot a lot of items which crafted with auspicious elements on it when you wander around the city. What makes the difference is the material of the item. You may get a beautifully crafted silver piece in just 20 bucks but it makes a huge difference compare to gold pieces. Gold is known for their great monetary value by all means buying gold is considered as a wise investment. It can also be passed down through generations.  Aside from the monetary value, gold often has good artistic values. Isn’t a good goal for you?

2. An even better combination – A gift of Gold & Jadeite

If gold is not enough for you to express your sincerity, add an extra lux- go for Jadeite. Choose a jewellery with the impeccable combination of Gold and Jadeite will never go wrong. Let it be a bangle, pendant or a ring, Jadeite has always symbolized blessing which believes to bring peace and positive energy to its wearer. Believe it or not, the person who receives such gift will grin like a Cheshire cat!

3.  It’s all about design

Each pieces come with an auspicious motif usually have a greater meaning behind. Have you ever seen jewellery crafted a bat biting a coin? It may sound vain to you but in Chinese it sounds very different because it means fortune is right in front of you (福在眼前). This is the interesting part when you’re looking at auspicious jewellery. Find a special piece of jewellery and ask your sales personnel, we are quite sure they will tell you more about it!  

4. Craftsmanship

A quality of a design is very much determined by the skill of craftsmanship. A poor craftsmanship skill may result in poor quality products.  A piece of fine craftsmanship jewellery will definitely cost you more, but in the end of the world you get what you pay. 

5.   Reputable Jeweller

Always go to a reliable jewellery store when you opt to buy something which cost more than a few hundred bucks. Find a local, trustworthy reputable jeweller which offers high quality product and good customer service. 

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